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In Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM, like many other social network games, energy is required for players to complete the game's chapters. It is used for various actions such as duels, opening chests and shuffling cards. The amount of energy required for battles, boss fights, and opening Treasure Chests increases as the player clears each chapter of the game. Energy is not required for player-vs.-player duels.

If the player is ambushed while traveling through the map in the story mode, the player does not lose energy if they win the duel. However, should they lose, an amount of energy corresponding to normal energy requirements will be subtracted from the player's energy pool.

1 point of energy is regenerated every minute, and can be increased to a maximum of 100. Energy also can be earned through gifting, completing some game objectives, and purchasing energy packs. Leveling up also adds 100 to a player's maximum Energy.

As of the update on September 5, 2012, a player can carry more than 32,000 Energy without any problems.

On Kongregate, as of the update on July 25, 2013, the regeneration and maximum regeneration of energy was doubled to 2-200 points per minute. In addition, for both Facebook and Kongregate, Treasure Chests no longer cost energy to open.

Energy Packs[edit]

Sprite Cost Currency Effect Notes
Regenerates 5 Energy Only available through gifting
1 Duel Points Regenerates 30 Energy
3 Duel Points Regenerates 100 Energy
25 Duel Points Regenerates 1000 Energy