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"United We Stand"; a Friendship Card

A Friendship Card is a type of card exclusive to Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM.

Each Friendship Card contains a fraction and a progress bar to show how much of the card's full power is unlocked. The green line is the progress bar, it starts off empty and increases depending on the number of friends the player has.

For example "United We Stand" starts off with 100 effect power and will remain on 100 effect power if the player does not have any friends. If the player has 1 friend, then United We Stand will have 200 effect power. If the player has 19 or more friends, then "United We Stand" will have 2000 effect power.

In a friend duel or an arena duel, if the opponent uses a Friendship Card, their number of friends is equal to the player's Level. So if the opponent uses "United We Stand" and the player's Friendship Level is 15, "United We Stand" will have 100 + 1500 = 1600 effect power.