Card Appearances:Fortune Fairy Hu

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  • In episode 37, Carly Carmine uses this card during her Ground Duel against Sayer. She Special Summons this card via "Luck Loan". Carly then activates "Miracle Stone", which increases the ATK of her "Fortune Fairies" by 3000 (1000 for every Fortune Fairy monster Carly controls). Later Sayer activates "Psychokinesis" to destroy "Miracle Stone", returning the ATK of Carly's monsters to 0. "Telekinetic Shocker" then attacks and destroys this card. Since Sayer is a Psychic Duelist, the attack caused Carly's glasses to break and it also caused her body to be thrown against the window.
  • In episode 38, Carly Carmine falls and lands on an old building and is killed as a result of the crash (in the dub, she fell into a shadowy portal into the Netherworld which helped save her from death). Shortly after, this card is shown dropping from the sky and landing on her. As Carly transforms into a Dark Signer, this card is shown transforming into "Fortune Lady Wind".