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  • In episode 36, Maximillion Pegasus uses this card during his Duel against Yugi Muto. He uses "Doppleganger" to transform itself into "Summoned Skull". Pegasus then uses the effect of "Toon World" to transform "Summoned Skull" into this card. This card then attacks and destroys Yugi's "Horn Imp". "Gorgon's Eye" then inflicts damage to Yugi equal to half the DEF of "Horn Imp". In the next episode, this card attacks a Hat Token created by "Magical Hats" in order to find the "Dark Magician", but it missed. On Pegasus's next turn, he uses this card to attack another Hat, but that hat turned out to be empty too. Later Pegasus activates "Magical Neutralizing Force" to destroy the remaining hats and reveal "Dark Magician". This card then attacks "Dark Magician", but Yugi activates "Living Arrow" to copy the effect of "Magical Neutralizing Force" and use it to destroy "Toon World". This reverts this card back into "Doppleganger".
    • This card was Special Summoned by Tributing "Summoned Skull" while "Toon World" was on the controller's side of the field. This card could not be destroyed in battle with non-Toon monsters. If "Toon World" is destroyed, this card is destroyed too, but "Summoned Skull" is Special Summoned back to the field.

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie: Pyramid of Light[edit]

This card is shown with its TCG/OCG effect, although it is considered a Normal Summon Monster.

  • Pegasus uses this card during his duel against Seto Kaiba. He Normal Summons this card without Tributing thanks to the effect of "Cost Down" and "Ultimate Offering". After Kaiba activates the effect of "XYZ-Dragon Cannon" to destroy "Toon World", this card is destroyed.

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