Card Tips:Bark of Dark Ruler

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  • You can use this card simply to ensure the survival of your Fiends by paying as little Life Points as possible, or you can make your opponent take full damage by paying many. Which you choose to utilize depends on how many Life Points you think you can safely spare and how strong the opponent's monster is.
  • Use this card when your Fiends are in Attack Position to ensure you destroy your opponent's attacking monster.
  • Use this card when your opponent attacks your "Newdoria". If you make your Newdoria's ATK tie with the attacking monster, you can use it's effect to take out another monster.
    • You can then chain "Michizure" to destroy a third monster.
  • "Prideful Roar" is a better version of this card's effect because it targets any Type of monster and it also adds an additional 300 ATK.