Card Tips:Samsara Lotus

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Traditional Format/OCG[edit]

  • Samsara Lotus' revival effect is not once per turn. If you can somehow destroy or tribute Samsara Lotus during your end phase, you can revive it again, potentially causing a controlled loop. (See Samsara Lotus Loop.)
  • Use this card with A-Counters and a few copies of "Interdimensional Warp" to steal your opponent's monsters and deal damage to them, before it can damage you.
  • Use with "Yubel" to keep it alive for the next form.
  • Use this card in conjunction with "Infernal Dragon" so you have a monster to tribute to bring "Infernal Dragon" back after it destroys itself during the End Phase.
  • Discard this card to activate "Prime Material Dragon's" or "Black-Winged Dragon's" effect, then Special Summon it. You will now have a steady life point increase of 1000 or counters, provided you keep the card alive.
    • With two copies of this card, "Prime Material Dragon" or "Black-Winged Dragon" and "Arcana Force XXI - The World" you have a lockdown with a 2000 life point recovery or counter each turn and remove the counter(s) for burn damage.
  • With the effect of "Give and Take" you can give your opponent this monster, and you can either a.) Attack it instantly, put it into your graveyard and banish it by the Effect of "Black Rose Dragon" so you can reduce one of your opponent's monsters to 0 attack Or b.) let your opponent keep it and due to this card's Effect have your opponent take 1000 damage each standby phase.
  • Use this card with "Creature Swap" to give your opponent this monster so they take 1000 damage each of their Standby Phases, or you could attack it.
  • You can also use this card with "Tytannial, Princess of Camellias" as fodder for her effect, but if your opponent doesn't trigger "Tytannial's" effect, you will end up taking 1000, or your opponent may attack it for free damage.