Card Tips:The Golden Apples

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  • Be mindful of your LP. Just like "Gorz the Emissary of Darkness", battle damage must be taken first before this card can be activated, and if that battle damage is equal or higher than your remaining LP, then this card cannot be activated as it is already lost under the game mechanics of Yu-Gi-Oh TCG & OCG.
    • Example: Player 1 has 2000 LP left with no monsters on the field and Set a "The Golden Apples" Trap Card. Player 2 enters their Battle Phase and declares a direct attack with "Red Dragon Archfiend", to which Player 1 has no response. At the Damage Step, Player 2 inflicts a total of 3000 LP direct damage to Player 1 to reduce them to 0 LP and end the game win to Player 2 under Yu-Gi-Oh game mechanics; Player 1 has no response as by this point the game is already finished.
  • As "Malus Token" is a Level 1, it can be a valid target for effects like that of "Baby Tiragon".
    • If "Malus Token" is used as the target of the effect of "Baby Tiragon" while it has a high ATK, it can potentially win the game in one attack.
  • This card also works in a "Dark World" Deck, because its Token is a Fiend-Type monster and can gain ATK power off the field card "The Gates of Dark World", as well as being a decent support card for some "Dark World" monster and Spell effect cards from the theme.
  • Try using this card with "Enchanted Javelin". It doesn't negate the attack and more Life Points will be gained since battle damage will still be taken despite this card's effects.
  • This card can combo will with "Tragoedia". If an opponent attacked your Life Points directly with this Set on the field and "Tragoedia" is in your hand, two monsters can effectively be Special Summoned onto the field immediately (as long as your LP haven't been reduced to 0 by the direct attack) and the damage inflicted will be healed by this Trap Card's effect, leaving yourself with an excellent field position.
  • If 2000 or more damage is taken, try using this card with "Nutrient Z", it will allow yourself to gain 4000 LP before the damage and your lost LP can be regained, plus a Token is Summoned after the damage.