Card Trivia:Blue Rose Dragon

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  • This card's name and effect are based on its artwork.
  • This card is similar to "Blue Flame Swordsman" which can summon "Flame Swordsman" from the Graveyard.
    • Coincidentally in both pairs of monsters, the "bluish"-colored counterpart has an effect that can Special Summon the "reddish" and initially released counterpart of the said bluish monster (as in this mostly blue-colored monster can Special Summon the mostly reddish-colored "Black Rose Dragon", whereas the also mostly bluish "Blue Flame Swordsman" can Special Summon the mostly reddish-colored "Flame Swordsman.")
  • This monster's ATK, DEF, and Level (when rounded down to the nearest whole) are two-thirds that of "Black Rose Dragon"'s.