Card Trivia:Dark Ruler Ha Des

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  • Based on the artworks of "Demotion", "Hate Buster", "Mind Drain", "Skill Prisoner", etc., this monster is enemies with "Dark King of the Abyss".
  • Ha Des is a pun on the name "Hades", the name of the Greek god of death and the underworld (which is called "Hades" as well).
    • The Japanese title 「冥界の魔王 ハ・デス」 contains an interpunct 「・」 between "Ha" 「ハ」 and "Des" 「デス」, showing that it is actually two words. This was probably intended to be a pun, because the Japanese spelling of the word "death" is "des" (which is also used in "Desrook Archfiend" and "Des Lacooda").