Card Trivia:Flying Fortress SKY FIRE

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  • The card seems to be based on the B-17 Flying Fortress.
  • All three of the "Reactor" monsters that combine to form this monster happen to be DARK, while the result is for some reason a WIND monster.
  • The three explosions on the background of this card are all in each of the other "Reactor" monsters.
  • This monster looks similar to Big Duo from the "Big O" anime.
  • The "SKY FIRE" part of this card's name is derived from the last parts of the names of the 3 monsters used to Summon it. The first two letters come from "Summon Reactor・SK" which makes for "SK", then the next three letters come from "Trap Reactor・Y FI" which now makes for "SKY FI", and the last 2 letters come from "Spell Reactor・RE" which makes for "SKY FIRE".
    • In the Japanese version, the "Reactors" are called "Summon Reactor・AI", "Trap Reactor ・RR", and "Magic Reactor ・AID". Their suffixes spell "AIRRAID", while "Flying Fortress SKY FIRE's" name is "Giant Bomber Airraid".
  • This card was not censored in the 4Kids version of the anime.
  • "Skyfire" is also the name of a Transformers robot that appeared in the first generation of the series, who is also known by the name of Jetfire.
    • This card's Japanese name translates to "Giant Bomber Airraid". Air Raid is the name of a different, also flying Transformers robot.