Card Trivia:Infernoid Tierra

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  • This card's name is derived from the Tierra computer simulation, which is designed to simulate artificial life.
    • "Tierra" is Spanish for "Earth".
  • This card is the first Level 11 Fusion Monster, as well as the first Level 11 FIRE monster.
    • This card also has the highest Original DEF of all FIRE monsters.
  • This card is the first Fusion Monster to have a variable number of Fusion Materials to require that a minimum of 3 Fusion Materials be used to Fusion Summon it.
  • This monster appears to be a counterpart to "Sophia, Goddess of Rebirth", in terms of appearance and stats.
    • Both monster are Level 11, and their ATK/DEF values are swapped with each other.
    • This monster has the same-colored wings and bears the same-colored orbs as "Sophia", both of which incidentally have their colors swapped. It also has 2 dark-orange colored horns, long orange hair, and an elongated snout, similar to those of "Sophia".