Change of Heart (EDS)

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Change of Heart
Card type Magic
Number 110
Internal number 1027
Password 04031928

Select and control 1 opposing monster (regardless of position) on the field until the end of your turn.

Status Limited


Set Rarity
Blue Millennium Puzzle packSecret Rare
Gate Guardian packUltra Rare

"Change of Heart" can be included in the Initial Deck.

Opponents' Decks

The following characters use "Change of Heart" in their Deck.

Character Qty
Arkana 1
Yami Bakura 1
Duel Computer 1
Tea Gardner 1
Ishizu Ishtar 1
Marik Ishtar 1
Maximillion Pegasus 1
Rex Raptor 1
Rare Hunter 1
Espa Roba 1
Bakura Ryou 1
Kaiba Seto 1
Shadi 1
Simon 1
Strings 1
Trusdale 1
Mako Tsunami 1
Umbra & Lumis 1
Weevil Underwood 1
Mai Valentine 1
Joey Wheeler 1
Yami Yugi 1