Greed (series)

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"Goblin of Greed" holding "Pot of Greed" and "Jar of Greed"
  • ごうよく
  • 強欲 (base)
  • ごうよく (ruby)
  • Gōyoku (romanized)
  • Cupidité
  • Gier
  • Avidità
  • 욕망의
  • Ganância
  • Codicia
Anime appearances
Manga appearances

Greed (ごうよく Gōyoku) is series of cards whose design are reminiscent of "Pot of Greed" in some way, unofficially relating the idea of "greed" in their TCG names to the mechanic of drawing 1 or 2 cards. Examples include "Greed Grado", "Jar of Greed", "Shard of Greed", "Dark Spirit Art - Greed" and "Reckless Greed". The series also have satirical cards like "The Gift of Greed", that lets the opponent draw 2 cards, and "Fine", that, despite not being part of the series, depicts "Pot of Greed" but has "opposite" mechanic of discarding 2 cards instead of drawing 2 cards.

While the card-drawing aspect is similar, this series is unrelated to the Treasure Cards.

"Goblin of Greed"[edit]

"Goblin of Greed" is a recurrent character in many artworks that depict him being greedy in some way, by either trying to take advantage over a situation or simply committing a crime and trying to get away with it, but also being caught or penalized for such actions or, also, being a party of a disadvantageous purchase. Even when he apparently gets a job, he still tries to rob "Pot of Greed".

His storyline can be seen in the artworks of cards like "Hidden Fangs of Revenge", "Upstart Goblin", "Bubble Crash", "Heavy Slump", "Good Goblin Housekeeping", "Goblin Thief", "The Forceful Checkpoint", "Jar Robber", "Goblin Out of the Frying Pan", "Return", "Second Coin Toss", "Single Purchase", "Recall", "Goblin Circus", "Fine", "Cash Back", "Redeemable Jar", "Royal Prison", "Dark Factory of Mass Production", "Peeking Goblin", "Extra Buck", "Sales Pitch", "That Grass Looks Greener", "Waking the Dragon" and "Tilted Try".

"Pot of Greed" and other "Pots"[edit]

"Pot of Greed" is an iconic card, known for its appearances in the anime series but mainly for its straightforward & powerful effect that gives the player a +1 card advantage with no costs or restrictions, which has had it being Forbidden starting from the March 2006 List with no perspective of change. Instead, due to its everlasting status and historical significance, several watered down versions were created as alternatives with strict activation conditions, steep costs or drawbacks in exchange for the card advantage they provide.

Main "Pots"[edit]

Spell Card Effect Cost, condition and/or drawback
Acquisitiveness Draw 1 card. Shuffles 3 face-up banished monsters into the owners' Decks; "hard once per turn". No virtual card advantage.
Avarice Draw 2 cards. Shuffles 5 monsters from its owner's Graveyard into the Deck.
Benevolence Shuffles 2 cards from any Graveyard into the owners' Decks. -1 in card economy; banishes itself at resolution; "hard once per turn".
Generosity Shuffles 2 cards from its owner's hand into the Deck. -3 in card economy.
Riches Draw 2 cards. Shuffles 3 Pendulum Monsters into the Deck. Blocks Special Summons other than Pendulum Summon; "hard once per turn".

Combination "Pots"[edit]

It also inspired the creation of retrains/homages in the form of "Pot" Normal Spell Cards that also give the player some sort of card advantage. In terms of concept and artwork, such cards were designed as amalgamations of pre-existing "Pots", and are reminiscent of the mechanic/concept of the original "Pot of Greed" and/or the other component "Pot". Their mere existence cements the Forbidden status of "Pot of Greed", since these cards, despite all restrictions and drawbacks imprinted on them, are still notable for their powerful effects and potential of being competitively relevant. Each one of them has either a clause that prevents multiple copies from being activated per turn, or an effect designed in such way that they can't be used in every single Deck, like "Pot of Greed" could, or even in the same Deck, as the effects of "Pot of Desires" and "Pot of Prosperity" conflict with each other; "Pot of Extravagance" can't be used in strategies that make heavy use of the Extra Deck, while "Pot of Duality" is traditionally used only in Decks that don't rely on Special Summoning.

Spell Card Components Effect Cost, condition and/or drawback
Desires Avarice + Greed Draw 2 cards. Banishes 10 cards from the top of the Main Deck, face-down.
Dichotomy Avarice + Benevolence Draw 2 cards. Shuffles 3 monsters with different Types from the Graveyard into the Deck; must be the first action of the Main Phase 1 and blocks Battle Phase.
Prosperity Generosity + Riches Excavate 3 or 6 cards to add one of them to the hand. Banishes 3 or 6 Extra Deck cards, face-down; halves all damage the opponent takes for the rest of the turn and blocks any other drawing effects.
Duality Generosity + Greed Excavate 3 cards to add one of them to the hand. Blocks Special Summons in the same turn it is activated.
Extravagance Greed + Riches Draw 1 or 2 cards. Randomly banishes 3 or 6 face-down Extra Deck cards, face-down; must be the first action of the Main Phase 1 and blocks any other drawing effects.