List of cards with edited artworks (World Championship 2006)

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Ultimate Masters: World Championship Tournament 2006 is an international multilingual re-release of the Japanese-only Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Expert 2006.

233 artworks for 228 different cards, listed below, had their artworks changed in the re-release. Even if the player chooses Japanese as their language, they will see the edited artworks.


Right Leg of the Forbidden One[edit]

Left Leg of the Forbidden One[edit]

Right Arm of the Forbidden One[edit]

Left Arm of the Forbidden One[edit]

Exodia the Forbidden One[edit]

Harpie Lady[edit]

Harpie Lady Sisters[edit]

Trial of Nightmare[edit]


Petit Angel[edit]


Vishwar Randi[edit]

Water Element[edit]

Water Omotics[edit]

Enchanting Mermaid[edit]

Nekogal #1[edit]

Ancient Sorcerer[edit]

Lunar Queen Elzaim[edit]

Sectarian of Secrets[edit]

Protector of the Throne[edit]

Sonic Maid[edit]

Axe of Despair[edit]

Soul of the Pure[edit]

Dian Keto the Cure Master[edit]

Tremendous Fire[edit]

Spellbinding Circle[edit]

Kanan the Swordmistress[edit]

Fairy's Gift[edit]

Yaiba Robo[edit]

Cyber Commander[edit]

Goddess of Whim[edit]

Water Magician[edit]

Ice Water[edit]

Waterdragon Fairy[edit]

Water Girl[edit]

Barrel Rock[edit]

Barrel Lily[edit]

Turtle Raccoon[edit]

Cannon Soldier[edit]

Guardian of the Throne Room[edit]

Gemini Elf[edit]

Corroding Shark[edit]


Dharma Cannon[edit]


Rose Spectre of Dunn[edit]

Shining Friendship[edit]

Fairy of the Fountain[edit]

Amazon of the Seas[edit]

Nekogal #2[edit]

Maiden of the Moonlight[edit]

Invader of the Throne[edit]

Resurrection of Chakra[edit]

Performance of Sword[edit]

Fortress Whale[edit]

Dark Magic Ritual[edit]

Magician of Black Chaos[edit]

Red Archery Girl[edit]

Barrel Dragon[edit]

Dark Magician Girl[edit]

Parasite Paracide[edit]

Dunames Dark Witch[edit]

Shield & Sword[edit]

Graceful Charity[edit]


Dark Magic Curtain[edit]

Monster Reborn[edit]

Ultimate Offering[edit]

Soul Release[edit]

The Cheerful Coffin[edit]

Solemn Judgment[edit]

Magic Jammer[edit]

Polymerization (alternate password)[edit]

Sorcerer of the Doomed[edit]

Last Will[edit]

Share the Pain[edit]


Chorus of Sanctuary[edit]

Senju of the Thousand Hands[edit]

Spear Cretin[edit]

Shining Angel[edit]

Mystic Tomato[edit]

Backup Soldier[edit]

The Shallow Grave[edit]

Premature Burial[edit]


Call of the Haunted[edit]

Ring of Destruction[edit]

Robotic Knight[edit]

Thunder Nyan Nyan[edit]

Injection Fairy Lily[edit]

Slate Warrior[edit]

Rigras Leever[edit]

The Legendary Fisherman[edit]

Return of the Doomed[edit]

Card of Safe Return[edit]

Shadow of Eyes[edit]


Science Soldier[edit]

Cure Mermaid[edit]

Hysteric Fairy[edit]

The Forgiving Maiden[edit]

Marie the Fallen One[edit]

Offerings to the Doomed[edit]


Destiny Board[edit]

Foolish Burial[edit]

Cyber Harpie Lady[edit]

Zombyra the Dark[edit]

Soul of Purity and Light[edit]

Spirit of Flames[edit]

Aqua Spirit[edit]

The Emperor's Holiday[edit]

Spirit Message "I"[edit]

Spirit Message "N"[edit]

Spirit Message "A"[edit]

Spirit Message "L"[edit]

Nightmare Wheel[edit]

Dark Ruler Ha Des[edit]

Dark Balter the Terrible[edit]

Lesser Fiend[edit]

Winged Minion[edit]

Bark of Dark Ruler[edit]

Life Absorbing Machine[edit]

Double Snare[edit]

The Hunter with 7 Weapons[edit]

Shadow Tamer[edit]

Super Rejuvenation[edit]

Spell Reproduction[edit]

Great Long Nose[edit]



Fiend Comedian[edit]

Don Zaloog[edit]

Toon Dark Magician Girl[edit]

Toon Table of Contents[edit]

Toon Gemini Elf[edit]

Puppet Master[edit]

X-Head Cannon[edit]

XY-Dragon Cannon[edit]

XYZ-Dragon Cannon[edit]

People Running About[edit]

Roulette Barrel[edit]


XZ-Tank Cannon[edit]

YZ-Tank Dragon[edit]

Fiend's Sanctuary[edit]

Exodia Necross[edit]

A Deal with Dark Ruler[edit]

Contract with Exodia[edit]

Arsenal Robber[edit]

Skill Drain[edit]

Sage's Stone[edit]


Ray of Hope[edit]


Soul Absorption[edit]

Dark Magician of Chaos[edit]

Guardian Angel Joan[edit]

Dedication through Light and Darkness[edit]

Earth Chant[edit]

Fiend's Hand Mirror[edit]

The Unhappy Girl[edit]

Rocket Jumper[edit]

Avatar of The Pot[edit]

Blowback Dragon[edit]

Mermaid Knight[edit]

Lady Ninja Yae[edit]


Beckoning Light[edit]

Earthbound Spirit's Invitation[edit]


Absorbing Kid from the Sky[edit]

Enchanting Fitting Room[edit]

Order to Smash[edit]


Absolute End[edit]

Enervating Mist[edit]

Heavy Slump[edit]

Magician's Circle[edit]

Magician's Unite[edit]

Woodborg Inpachi[edit]

Harpie Girl[edit]

Harpie Lady 1[edit]

Harpie Lady 2[edit]

Harpie Lady 3[edit]

Tactical Espionage Expert[edit]

Fusilier Dragon, the Dual-Mode Beast[edit]

Homunculus the Alchemic Being[edit]

Harpies' Hunting Ground[edit]

Triangle Ecstasy Spark[edit]

Back to Square One[edit]

Owner's Seal[edit]

Maji-Gire Panda[edit]

Armed Samurai - Ben Kei[edit]

Brain Jacker[edit]

Gatling Dragon[edit]

Poison Fangs[edit]

Cross Counter[edit]

Elemental Hero Burstinatrix[edit]

Ancient Gear Soldier[edit]

Gift of the Martyr[edit]

Kozaky's Self-Destruct Button[edit]


Level Conversion Lab[edit]

Spark Blaster[edit]


Giant Kozaky[edit]

Protective Soul Ailin[edit]


Prepare to Strike Back[edit]

Blade Skater[edit]

Etoile Cyber[edit]

VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon[edit]

Cyber Blader[edit]

Elemental Hero Rampart Blaster[edit]


Weed Out[edit]

Burst Return[edit]

Inferno Reckless Summon[edit]

Ancient Gear Castle[edit]

Ancient Gear Cannon[edit]

Treeborn Frog[edit]

Memory Crusher[edit]

D.3.S. Frog[edit]

Next to be Lost[edit]

Full Salvo[edit]

Success Probability 0%[edit]