Axe of Despair (World Championship 2006)

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WC2004 / WC2005 / WC2006

Axe of Despair
Dēmon no Ono
Daemon's Axe
Artwork 1
Artwork 1 (edited)
Card type Spell
Property Equip
Number 0283
Internal number 4310
Password 40619825
Cost 3900 DP

Increase the ATK of a monster equipped with this card by 1000 points. When this card is sent from the field to the Graveyard, if you offer 1 monster on your side of the field as a Tribute, this card returns to the top of your Deck.


Set Rarity
Equipment CollectionRare
Spell RulerSuper Rare
All Spells Common
All at Random Common

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