Nobleman of Crossout (World Championship 2006)

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WC2004 / WC2005 / WC2006

Nobleman of Crossout
Massatsu no Shito
Apostle of Obliteration
Card type Spell
Number 0770
Internal number 4963
Password 71044499
Cost 6500 DP

Destroy 1 face-down monster and remove it from play. If the monster is a Flip Effect Monster, both players must check their respective Decks and remove from play all monsters with the same name as the destroyed monster. Then shuffle the Decks.


Set Rarity
Dragon's RoarCommon
Monster Destroy CollectionUltra Rare
Pharaoh's ServantSuper Rare
Reverse CollectionSuper Rare
All Spells Common
All at Random Common

Limitation statuses

List Status
September 2003 Semi-Limited
March 2004 Semi-Limited
September 2004 Semi-Limited
March 2005 Semi-Limited
September 2005 Limited
March 2006 Semi-Limited
September 2006 Limited
March 2007 Limited
September 2007 Semi-Limited

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