List of "Deck destruction" genre cards (World Championship 2006)

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This is a list of cards with the genre "Deck destruction" in Yu-Gi-Oh! Ultimate Masters: World Championship Tournament 2006.

Cards with this genre have the "Deck destruction" icon; .

 Japanese nameCard typeProperty
Abyssal Designator深淵の指名者Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Arsenal Robber武器庫荒らしTrap CardNormal Trap Card
Assault on GHQ本陣強襲Trap CardNormal Trap Card
The Bistro Butcher悪魔の調理師Monster Card
Blood Suckerブラッド・サッカーMonster Card
Card Destruction手札抹殺Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Chain Destruction連鎖破壊Trap CardNormal Trap Card
Chain Disappearance連鎖除外Trap CardNormal Trap Card
Chainsaw Insect電動刃虫Monster Card
Cliff the Trap Remover黒蠍-罠はずしのクリフMonster Card
Conscription徴兵令Trap CardNormal Trap Card
Cyber JarサイバーポッドMonster Card
Dangerous Machine TYPE-6デンジャラスマシン TYPE-6Spell CardContinuous Spell Card
Dark Scorpion - Gorg the Strong黒蠍-強力のゴーグMonster Card
Dark Scorpion Burglars黒蠍盜掘団Monster Card
De-Spell Germ Weapon魔法除去細菌兵器Trap CardNormal Trap Card
Disturbance Strategy攪乱作戦Trap CardNormal Trap Card
Don Zaloog首領・ザルーグMonster Card
Doom DozerデビルドーザーMonster Card
Dragged Down into the Grave墓穴の道連れSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Goblin ZombieゴブリンゾンビMonster Card
Gravekeeper's Servant墓守の使い魔Spell CardContinuous Spell Card
Heavy Slump大暴落Trap CardNormal Trap Card
Hiro's Shadow Scout悪魔の偵察者Monster Card
Inferno Tempestヘル・テンペストSpell CardQuick-Play Spell Card
Level Modulationレベル調整Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Malice Ascendant増幅する悪意Monster Card
Mind Wipe記憶抹消Spell CardQuick-Play Spell Card
Morphing JarメタモルポットMonster Card
Morphing Jar #2カオスポッドMonster Card
Needle WormニードルワームMonster Card
Nobleman of Crossout抹殺の使徒Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Nobleman of Extermination撲滅の使徒Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Reversal of Graves現世と冥界の逆転Trap CardNormal Trap Card
Robbin' Zombie追い剥ぎゾンビTrap CardContinuous Trap Card
Sasuke Samurai #3大盤振舞侍Monster Card
Simultaneous Loss二者一両損Trap CardNormal Trap Card
Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower精気を吸う骨の塔Monster Card
Spell Vanishing呪術抹消Trap CardCounter Trap Card
Success Probability 0%成功確率0%Trap CardNormal Trap Card
Vampire Ladyヴァンパイア・レディMonster Card
Vampire Lordヴァンパイア・ロードMonster Card