Plays cards from outside of your Deck

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This search category entry details every Skill that plays a card from outside your Deck.

Skills that play cards from outside your Deck[edit]

 Japanese nameCard typeProperty
Alternative White Dragon AdventSkill Card
Amazoness TacticsSkill Card
Ancient Fairy RescueSkill Card
Black Flower BloomSkill Card
Blaze Accelerator DeploymentSkill Card
Blue-Eyes AdventSkill Card
Born from the EarthSkill Card
Cheer Up Fairies (event Skill)Skill Card
Cycle of DoomSkill Card
DARK as NightSkill Card
Dark Horizon (event Skill)Skill Card
Dark Magician the Dragon Knight AdventSkill Card
Deck Master Effect: Strike NinjaSkill Card
Decoy TacticsSkill Card
Destiny CallingSkill Card
Destiny Calling (event Skill)Skill Card
Destruction and CreationSkill Card
Dinosaur Kingdom (Duel Links)Skill Card
Duels of BabylonSkill Card
Earth-Shattering PowerSkill Card
Elements Unite!Skill Card
End of DestinySkill Card
Fields of the WarriorsSkill Card
Firm as the EARTHSkill Card
Fleeting HandSkill Card
Full Armored Xyz (Black Ray)Skill Card
Future Visions (Skill)Skill Card
Gagaga Academy After School ClubSkill Card
Gathering of GhostsSkill Card
Gimmick Puppet: FuneralSkill Card
Handless Combo 100Skill Card
Handless Combo InfinitySkill Card
Incarnation: Sphere ModeSkill Card
It's a Toon KingdomSkill Card
It's a Toon WorldSkill Card
Labyrinth BuilderSkill Card
Land of the OjamasSkill Card
Majestic Star AdventSkill Card
Major MotorSkill Card
Mask of Restrict (Skill)Skill Card
Masked Beast AdventSkill Card
Masked TributeSkill Card
Master of Rites IISkill Card
Meklord Emperor: HumanSkill Card
Middle Age MechsSkill Card
Mighty as FIRESkill Card
Miracle HeroSkill Card
Mythic Depths (Duel Links)海の伝説Skill Card
Neo Space!Skill Card
Neo-Spacian OnslaughtSkill Card