The Destroyer of D

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The Destroyer of D

Can be used from your 4th turn and onward, when you have 3000 or less Life Points. Play 1 "Destiny HERO - Dark Angel" from your hand to your opponent's field in Defense Position. If your opponent controls a "Destiny HERO - Plasma," you can place "Destiny HERO - Dark Angel" on top of your opponent's Deck instead.
This Skill will not activate if you begin the Duel with a Deck that contains monsters other than "Destiny HERO" monsters.
This Skill can only be used once per Duel.


AsterPhoenix-DULI-Portrait.png Aster Phoenix
Lifetime Mission July 21, 2020 onward
Summon "Destiny HERO - Plasma" 30 time(s) while playing as Aster Phoenix.
AsterPhoenix-DULI-Portrait.png Aster Phoenix
Duelist Chronicles GX: Society of Light #2 February 21, 2020 to February 24, 2020
Completion Reward

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