Card Tips:Card of Last Will

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  • Chain this card to "Pestilence" being equipped to a face-up Warrior, Beast-Warrior or Spellcaster-Type monster you control.
  • "Seven Swords Warrior" is a good Warrior to use this card and "Pestilence" with. After equipping "Pestilence" to it, activate this card to replenish your hand, then use the effect of "Seven Swords" to get rid of this card and destroy an opponent's monster.
  • In a Dragon Deck, use this card with "Lady of D.", "Pestilence", and "Black-Winged Dragon". This card can provide you with some Dragon-Type monsters to protect "Lady of D." with. In addition, the effect of "Black-Winged Dragon" will cause your opponent to be damaged in your place.
  • Use with "Ghosts From the Past" in a "Shiranui" deck. You can banish from your graveyard to activate "Shiranui" effects, and you can target your opponent's monster or your own monster. Then, activate for an easy draw.