Card Tips:Jinzo

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  • Use "Jinzo - Returner" to return this card to the field after it has been destroyed. Since "Jinzo" won't last past your next End Phase if revived this way, replace it with "Jinzo - Lord".
    • "Dark Grepher" can be used to send a "Jinzo - Returner" from the Deck to the Graveyard. The cost of the effect of "Dark Grepher" or its inherent Summoning procedure can also be used to easily send a copy of "Jinzo", from your hand to the Graveyard. "Jinzo" can then be revived by the effect of "Returner".
  • In a scenario where your opponent plays "Skill Drain", normally, if that card is already active, "Jinzo" will not be able to negate it. Use a "Forbidden Lance" to fix this permanently.
  • One can Pendulum Summon this card in inclusion to other monsters, so that one will prevent any possible responses to said Summon except for cards like "Solemn Warning".
  • This card's effect can be negated with the 2nd effect of "Breakthrough Skill", as the effect come from the Graveyard - where this card can't reach.