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  • To easily Summon this card along side "Stardust Spark Dragon" and "Naturia Barkion" all you need in your initial first hand are 2 "Emergency Teleports" and 1 "Overdrive Teleporter". Activate the 1st "Emergency Teleport" to Special Summon "Psychic Commander" from your Deck. Tribute "Psychic Commander" to Summon "Overdrive Teleporter" and activate its effect Special Summoning 2 "Hushed Psychic Clerics". Activate the 2nd "Emergency Teleport" and Special Summon a "Esper Girl" from your Deck. Activate the 1st the effect of "Cleric" discarding any card in your hand and select "Psychic Commander" as your target. Tune "Esper Girl" and the 1st "Cleric" to Synchro Summon "Naturia Beast". Activates the effect of the 1st "Cleric" to bringing back the banished "Psychic Commander". Activate the effect of the 2nd "Cleric" to discard another card from your hand and select "Esper Girl". Tune "Psychic Commander" with the "Cleric" and Special Summon "Naturia Barkion". The effect of "Cleric" activates, Special Summoning the banished "Esper Girl". The effect of "Esper Girl" activates, banishing the top card of your Deck face-down. Tune "Esper Girl" with "Overdrive Teleporter" and Special Summon "Stardust Spark Dragon". The effect of "Esper Girl" activates, adding the banished face-down card to your hand. You now have "Stardust Spark Dragon", "Naturia Beast", "Naturia Barkion" and 2 cards left in your hand.
  • Combine this card with "Royal Decree" to completely shut down your opponent's ability to activate Spell or Trap Cards.
  • Use "Safe Zone" with this card to be able to maintain this card on the field longer and negate all Spell Cards that your opponent activates.
  • This card works very well with "Quillbolt Hedgehog" Decks. Have 1 "Quillbolt" in the Graveyard and Summon "X-Saber Airbellum" or "Psychic Commander" to Special Summon "Quillbolt", then Synchro Summon "Naturia Beast" or another Level 5 Synchro Monster.
  • Combine this card's effect with "Naturia Barkion" to almost totally shut down the opponent's effects. The cost for using this card's effect, sending cards to the Graveyard, will provide fodder for the cost of "Barkion".
  • Use with "Recycle" to help offset the cost of 2 cards from your Deck each time you use this card's effect.
  • This card can be Summoned easily in an "X-Saber" Deck by using "X-Saber Pashuul" and "XX-Saber Darksoul".
    • In a Deck that combines "X-Saber" monsters with "Lightsworn" monsters, this card can be easily Summoned by using "X-Sabers" as Synchro Material, and its mill effect will benefit both archetypes.
    • The above strategy can also be used in any deck that combines "Lightsworns" with EARTH monsters.

Traditional Format[edit]