Card Tips:Summoner of Illusions

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  • "Naturia Exterio" is a great card to Summon with this card as it prevents your opponent from playing Spell or Trap Cards. Combine it with "Mound of the Bound Creator" to protect it and have an unstoppable force on your field.
  • Combining this face-down monster with "Pinpoint Guard" will make its effect much easier to activate.
  • "Soul Exchange" can be used to Tribute your opponent's monster instead of your own.

Traditional Format[edit]

  • You can use "Metamorphosis" to transform the "Illusion" you created into another version of itself, which will stay on the field.
  • Summon Fusion Monsters that have an immediately usable effect, like "Thousand-Eyes Restrict" (which takes an opponent's monster with it when it is destroyed) or "King Dragun" (you can instantly Special Summon one Dragon-Type monster from your hand).