Card Trivia:Getsu Fuhma

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  • This monster appears in the artwork of "Fuhma Wave".
  • This card is based on Getsu Fūma, the main protagonist from the Japan-only Famicom game, Getsu Fūma Den.
    • This card's effect of destroying a Fiend or Zombie-Type monster is a reference to Getsu Fūma's rivalry with Ryūkotsuki, the final boss of Getsu Fūma Den who is a demon that transforms into its final form, which is a gigantic skeletal dragon-like demon during the final boss battle. Furthermore, Ryūkotsuki has a card form with a similar effect that destroys Spellcaster and Warrior-Type monsters, further referencing the rivalry between both characters.
  • This card features similarities with "Vampire Hunter", as both are Level 4 DARK Warrior-Type monsters that destroy evil monsters through their effects (this card destroys Zombie and Fiend monsters, while "Vampire Hunter" destroys DARK monsters). "Vampire Hunter" is also based on a Konami game character.
    • However, their effects activate at different times. This card destroys the opponent's monsters at the end of the Damage Step, while "Vampire Hunter" destroys them at the start of it.