Card Trivia:Raigeki

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  • This card's TCG name, "Raigeki", is the Japanese word for "Thunder Strike".
  • This is one of four cards to feature a card(s) that were designed to counter this card specifically in its effects, the other three being "Dark Hole", "Harpie's Feather Duster", and "Monster Reborn"; in this card's case, it is "Anti Raigeki".
  • This card was both one of the first cards to be Limited in May 2002, and one of the first cards to be Forbidden in August 2004. It did not come off the list until October 2014 in the TCG, ten years later. As such, it has been Forbidden in the lists longer than any other card in the TCG before becoming Limited once more.
    • However, this card once again became Limited in April 2019 in the OCG, approximately fifteen years after becoming Forbidden.