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English nameTeam ZEXAL
Japanese name
Chīmu Zearu
Manga appearancesYu-Gi-Oh! D Team ZEXAL

Team ZEXAL is a Dueling Team inYu-Gi-Oh! D Team ZEXAL. It was formed by Yuma Tsukumo and his friends. Although Astral isn't an official member, he always helps Yuma in his Duels.

They formed this team in order to learn more about Dueling and get stronger together. They later take part in the Team Duel Tournament.

After that, Kaito Tenjo invites Yuma and Shark to join forces for the Duel Team Carnival. With the agreement of Team ZEXAL and Team Shark, Yuma, Shark and Kaito form a new Team ZEXAL.[1]


Team ZEXAL's first formation

After forming the team, the members make a reunion, to which Yuma arrives late. The members were worried about Yuma being the leader, since he didn't seem much appropriate. Tetsuo then challenges him to a Duel - if Tetsuo won, he would be the leader instead. Yuma accepts the challenge, and wins, so the others accept him as the leader.[2]

The team later enters the Team Duel Tournament. Yuma Dueled Gauche in order for his team to participate, and won.[3] In the first round, Team ZEXAL faces Team Fire Stars.[4] The first Duel is Yuma Tsukumo vs. Shota Geki, which ends with Yuma's win. Tetsuo grants a second win for Team ZEXAL, while Takashi loses his match. With two wins, Team ZEXAL is the winner, and obtains their first Digital Stone.[5]

Their second match is against Team lswarm, which takes place in the Heartland Theme Park Horror Tower.[6]

Later, Team ZEXAL is shown to have earned 7 Digital Stones, with only 1 missing so that they can advance in the tournament. Then, their match for the 8th Digital Stone is against Team Air Force, who also has got 7 Digital Stones.[7]

Team ZEXAL then finally advances to the finals, where they face Team Shark.[8]


Team ZEXAL's badge
Opponents Chapters Outcome
Shark (from Team Shark) 3-4 Lose
Team Fire Stars 8-9 Win
Team lswarm 10 Win
Five unknown Dueling Teams 10-11 Win (off-screen)[Note 1]
Team Air Force 11 Win
Team Shark 12-13 Win


  1. In chapter 11, the team is shown to have obtained a total of 7 Digital Stones. They must have defeated at least 5 other teams for that.


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