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My name is Harry. I'm 25 from the Sunshine State. I've been playing basically since day 1 the first thing i bought was Kaiba's Starter Deck. My current collection contains over 10 Thousand Rare and Common Cards. I own many cover cards, The 3 Egyptian Gods, and the 3 Sacred Beasts. I currently also own 4 of the 5 Dragons, and currently have 10 active decks ranging from what i call Field Rape (combination of Dark World/Demise/Necrofear), a mainly warrior-based Synchro Deck that contains the 4 dragons, a Dragon/Cyber-Dark Deck (with dragon synchros and fusions), a Traditional Format Exodia Deck to DAD/Jibakushin/Dark deck and Sky Scourge.

Ā=Decks= Here are all the Decks I Currently have constructed. Feel free to analyze and comment on my talk page:).

1. Field Rape (a.k.a. Ol' Faithful)- This is currently my oldest and main deck. It's the first deck i constructed without any help at all, and is one of my most successful and reliable decks. Yes it contains Dark World monsters and Demise and Necrofear, say what you will but i built this myself, without looking at anyone else's or what not. I decided to name it Field Rape, well...cuz it "rapes" my opponent's field. I recently replaced Zorc with Obelisk, especially with the tendancies i have with this deck to have a hand full of dark world monsters and Card Destruction. :)

2. Warrior/Synchro- One of my newer constructed decks which is also pretty successful. It contains all types of Synchro Monsters, both Dragon and Warrior Type, but the deck itself can win without the use of Synchros, as most of the monsters are Warrior based.

3. Dragon-CyberDark- Originally it was purely Dragons, but was edited once to incorporate the Cyber-Dark series, and again recently to incorporate the Dragon-type Synchros.

4. Sky Scourge- I built this deck not long after Force Of The Breaker came out, cuz i always had a thing for chaos, and the Sky Scourges are the newer form of "chaos". For a couple of months, almost a year, the deck went pretty damn good lacking Invicil, until earlier this year when I FINALLY pulled it in a special pack that included a Japanese Duelist Genesis pack.

5. Cyber/Machine- Originally, this deck was comprised of the Cyber and Cyberdark series, until about a year ago when, with the help of my cousin, separated the two and made this a pure Cyber/Machine Deck. Of course with the limiting of Cyber Dragon this deck's power was cut in half basically, but its still pretty damn good.

6. Psychic- Well the title says it all, this deck is composed of Psychic-Type Monsters and Synchros. I also from time to time include 3 of the 4 Dragons as back-up, or an emergency situation if you will. (Currently Inactive)

7. Spacian- My "fun" deck if you will...this is far from tournament quality, cuz like i said...i use this deck just to have fun really. Don't be fooled tho, just cuz i said its a "fun" deck doesnt mean it isnt capable of winning:). (Currently Inactive)

8. D.A.D./Jibakushin- My Second Deck of Darkness. Built with a variety of Dark Monsters, including a good bit of Dark-Counterparts of some monsters like The Phoenix, Horus, Creator, Rainbow Dark Dragon, among others, BUT the two featured monsters of this deck are Dark Armed Dragon and Earthbound Immortal Ccapac Apu.

9. 100 Eyes- Yet a THIRD deck of Darkness that i wield, just as dangerous and deadly as the other two.

10. Exodia- Everyone has to remember the horrors of the classic Exodia deck before the days of the Advanced Format came, with the Dreaded and Feared Dagger Combo, which thanx to the advanced format, no longer exists, until now, when i decided to ressurect it as my lone traditional style deck.

11. Windstorm- A Wind Attribute-Based Deck, consisting of a mixture of Harpie, Mist Valley, and other assorted Wind Type Monsters.

12. Koa'ki Meiru- This archetype came to me just about. It is an Anti-Meta themed deck.

13. Pyro- what can i say? I have an affinity for fire, and in the words of the Great Beavis- "Fire...Fire...FIRE!"