Junk Archer

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The Chinese name given is not official. (card names)
Junk Archer
Janku Āchā
Card type





Warrior / Synchro / Effect


7 CG Star.svgCG Star.svgCG Star.svgCG Star.svgCG Star.svgCG Star.svgCG Star.svg


2300 / 2000



Effect types


"Junk Synchron" + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters
Once per turn: You can target 1 monster your opponent controls; banish it. During the End Phase of this turn, return it to your opponent's side of the field, in the same battle position.

English sets


2010-01-15DP09-EN016Duelist Pack: Yusei 2Ultra Rare
2014-10-23LC5D-EN037Legendary Collection 5D's Mega PackSuper Rare

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Other languages

Name Lore
French Robot Archer "Robot Synchronique" + 1 monstre non-Syntoniseur ou plus
Une fois par tour : vous pouvez cibler 1 monstre contrôlé par votre adversaire ; bannissez-le. Durant la End Phase de ce tour, renvoyez-le sur le Terrain de votre adversaire dans la même position de combat.
German Gerümpelbogenschütze "Gerümpelsynchronisierer" + 1 oder mehr nich-Empfänger Monster
Einmal pro Spielzug kannst du ein gegnerisches Monster aus dem Spiel entfernen. Das Monster wird in der End Phase, in der selben Position, auf die Spielfeldseite des Gegners gelegt.
Italian Arciere Rottame "Rottame Synchron" + 1 o più mostri non-Tuner
Una volta per turno, puoi scegliere 1 mostro controllato dal tuo avversario. Rimuovi dal gioco quel mostro. Durante l'End Phase di questo turno, esso ritorna sul Terreno del tuo avversario, nella stessa posizione.
Portuguese Arqueiro Sucata "Sucata Sincron" + 1 ou mais monstros não-Reguladores
Uma vez por turno: você pode escolher 1 monstro que seu oponente controla; bana-o. Durante a Fase Final deste turno, devolva-o para o lado do campo do seu oponente, na mesma posição de batalha.
Spanish Arquero de Basura "Sincronizador de Basura" + 1 o más Monstruos que no sean Cantantes
Una vez por turno puedes seleccionar 1 monstruo que controle tu adversario. Retíralo del juego. Durante la End Phase de este turno, vuelve al Campo de tu adversario, en la misma Posición de Batalla.
Japanese ジャンク・アーチャー ジャンク・シンクロン」+チューナー以外のモンスター1体以上
Janku Āchā
Korean 정크 아처 "정크 싱크론" + 튜너 이외의 몬스터 1장 이상
1턴에 1번, 상대 필드 위에 존재하는 몬스터 1장을 선택하고 발동할 수 있다. 선택한 몬스터를 게임에서 제외한다. 이 효과로 제외한 몬스터는 이 턴의 엔드 페이즈시에 같은 표시 형식으로 상대 필드 위로 되돌린다.
Chinese 废品箭手

Sets in other languages


ReleaseNumberSetFrench nameRarity
2010-01-14DP09-FR016Duelist Pack: Yusei 2Pack du Duelliste: Yusei 2Ultra Rare
2014-10-23LC5D-FR037Legendary Collection 5D's Mega PackCollection Légendaire 5D's Méga PackSuper Rare


ReleaseNumberSetGerman nameRarity
2010-01-14DP09-DE016Duelist Pack: Yusei 2Duelist Pack: Yusei 2Ultra Rare
2014-10-23LC5D-DE037Legendary Collection 5D's Mega PackLegendary Collection 5D's: Mega PackSuper Rare


ReleaseNumberSetItalian nameRarity
2010-01-14DP09-IT016Duelist Pack: Yusei 2Duelist Pack: Yusei 2Ultra Rare
2014-10-23LC5D-IT037Legendary Collection 5D's Mega PackMega-Pack Collezione Leggendaria 5D'sSuper Rare


ReleaseNumberSetPortuguese nameRarity
2014-10-24LC5D-PT037Legendary Collection 5D's Mega PackColeção Lendária 5 Mega PacoteSuper Rare


ReleaseNumberSetSpanish nameRarity
2010-01-14DP09-SP016Duelist Pack: Yusei 2Sobre de Duelista: Yusei 2Ultra Rare
2014-10-23LC5D-SP037Legendary Collection 5D's Mega PackColección Legendaria 5D's Mega PackSuper Rare


ReleaseNumberSetJapanese nameRarity
2009-10-17DP09-JP016Duelist Pack: Yusei 2デュエリストパック -ゆうせいへん2-Ultra Rare


ReleaseNumberSetKorean nameRarity
2009-12-10DP09-KR016Duelist Pack: Yusei 2DUELIST PACK듀얼리스트 팩 —유성 편 2—Ultra Rare

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