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  • In episode 20, Yami Yugi uses this card during his Tag Duel with Joey Wheeler against the Paradox Brothers. He uses this card to force "Dark Magician" and "Jirai Gumo" to swap places and destroy "Jirai Gumo".
    • In the original, when it was revealed that "Jirai Gumo" was the monster stabbed instead of "Dark Magician", the monster itself was shown stabbed, while in the dub, it was the card itself that was stabbed.
  • In episode 39, Yami Yugi uses this card during his Duel against Maximillion Pegasus. He uses this card to make "Dark Magician" and "Jigen Bakudan" swap places. This frees "Dark Magician" from "Relinquished" and returns it to Yugi's side of the field while "Jigen Bakudan" was equipped onto "Relinquished" in its place.
  • In episode 76, this card is shown in Yugi's hand during his Duel against Joey while the latter was possessed by Marik Ishtar.
  • In episode 99, this card appears when Yami Yugi was building his Virtual World Deck for his Duel against Gansley.
  • In episode 129, this card is seen in a flashback Yugi has when he remembers the last time he used "Exchange" and how the latter card helped him save Joey from Marik's mind control.
  • In episode 131, this card is seen in a series of flashbacks Kaiba has when he notes to himself that he always feels excited when he Duels against Yugi.

Scripted Duels[edit]


  • In the anime, when this card's effect activates, a box appears and "Dark Magician" goes inside it. Swords will come out and pierce the box. When the box opens, it reveals that "Dark Magician" is safe and a different card was destroyed.
    • In the case with Yami Yugi and Joey's Duel against Para and Dox, after the box "Dark Magician" was in was pierced, another box appears and places "Jirai Gumo" inside it before the pierced box opens. After it's opened, it's revealed that "Dark Magician" and "Jirai Gumo" had swapped places, which destroys "Jirai Gumo".
    • In the case with Yami Yugi's Duel against Pegasus, "Dark Magician" and "Jigen Bakudan" were placed in two boxes, but neither box was pierced, however the two affected monsters still swapped places.


In the Spanish Anime, this card was known as "Cajas Místicas".