Card Tips:Time Wizard

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  • "Second Coin Toss" can be used to improve the chances of calling the coin toss right.
    • This can be especially useful when attempting to Summon "Dark Sage"
  • In general, it is best to activate this card's effect while the opponent is the player that controls all the other monsters on the field, in order to minimize the consequences of an unlucky coin toss.
    • However, this can be ignored when it is beneficial to have one's own monsters potentially destroyed by a card effect, in order to trigger certain card effects.

Traditional Format[edit]

  • This card can be searched by "Spellbook of Judgment", and "Last Will".
  • If you use the underlined tip above while you have "Forced Requisition" and "Super Rejuvenation" active during the same turn(Although this is unlikely and should be taken with a grain of salt, given that a total of 6 cards are required), this will obliterate your opponent's hand while strengthening your own at the end of your turn.

Video Games[edit]