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  • This monster shares similarities with the final boss of Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, Solaris (Second form), not only looking alike in shape, but also representing divine beings with malevolent intentions.
  • This card's effect is designed to counter the other Duel Terminal archetypes, which are all Attribute-based. The story of the Duel Terminal during Duel Terminal - Xyz Startup!! is that the "Vylon" Alliance (i.e the alliance between the five archetypes) had won the war against the "Steelswarm", but the fighting between the four other tribes had not ended. The "Vylon" wish for a utopian world, and as that does not seem possible with the four tribes, they decide to eradicate the tribes from the face of the Duel Terminal Planet.
    • Since the "Vylon" were allied with four other archetypes, and this card can only absorb three effect monsters, it is possible that the "Gem-Knights" (specifically "Gem-Knight Pearl") are the ones meant to stop the "Vylon" in the story, since they are the only one of the four archetypes with non-effect monsters, and would then have some immunity to this monster's power, but if Disigma did manage to snag one of their effect monsters then they would be doomed.
    • According to the Master Guide storyline, "Gem-Knight Pearl" defeated this monster.
  • Shown by the animation of Duel Terminal, this Xyz Monster is the result of "Vylon Stigma", "Vylon Tesseract" and "Vylon Pentachloro" combined. They are stacked above each other with "Stigma" on the top, "Pentachloro" at the bottom, and "Tesseract" in between. They're all also Level 4 monsters, same as this card's Rank.
    • They're all released in Duel Terminal - Xyz Startup!!.
  • This is the first "Vylon" Xyz Monster to be released as well as being the first Xyz Monster to be released as a member of any Duel Terminal archetype.
  • This card's name comes from Disigma (also known as Sampi); an archaic letter of the Greek alphabet which stands for the "ss" or "ts" sound.
    • The monster's arms also resemble the letter.
  • Although not easily seen on the card's artwork due to the frontal perspective, this monster actually has a beak. This can be more easily be seen in episode 51, where this monster is shown at an angle.