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Several "Cookpal Eggong", "Cookpal Cluckwheat", "Cookpal Pumapotato", "Cookpal Lionion" and "Cookpal Rabbitomato" in the artwork of "Food Cemetery"
  • CMクックメイト
  • CM (base)
  • クックメイト (ruby)
  • Kukkumeito (romanized)
  • Cookmate (translated)
  • CM
  • Kugmeiteu (romanized)
Anime appearances

"Cookpal", known as "Cookmate" (CMクックメイト Kukkumeito) in Japan, is an archetype of EARTH Fairy monsters used by Reed Pepper in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime.



All "Cookpal" monsters are a mix between an ingredient item and an animal (or object in the case of "Cookpal Eggong") in terms of both name and appearances. However "Cookpals" that are members of the sub-archetype "Royal Cookpal" are mixes of a recipe and a royal position instead (Knight, Princess, King, etc.) Curiously, no two "Cookpals" have the same Level and the members of the archetype follow an ascending order of level ranging from 1 to 10.


"Cookpal" is a portmanteau of "Cooking" or "Cook" and "Pal", while their Japanese name, "Cookmate", is a portmanteau of "Cooking" or "Cook" and "Mate" Their name draws parallels with Yuya Sakaki's "Performapal" monsters, whose original name is "Entermate". The two archetypes even follow the same abbreviation style in their Japanese names ("Entermate" is abbreviated as "EM" while "Cookmate" is abbreviated as "CM").



Monster Origin
Food Animal
Cluckwheat Wheat Chicken
Eggong Egg Gong
Lionion Onion Lion
Pumapotato Potato Puma
Rabbitomato Tomato Rabbit

Royal Cookpal[edit]

Monster Origin
Food Title
King Burger Salisbury steak King
Knight Pasta Naporitan Knight
Prince Curry Curry Prince
Princess Pudding Pudding Princess
Queen Omelette Omelet Queen

Playing style[edit]

"Cookpal" monsters generally have low ATK/DEF, but possess quick swarming abilities, so that the player can place their "Cookpals" under "Food Cemetery" as quickly as possible. The more "Cookpals" the player manages to place underneath "Food Cemetary", the more "Royal Cookpals" they can later Special Summon, allowing them to constantly power-up their monsters while inflicting damage to the opponent.