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Akiza Izinski as a Duel Priestess.

A Duel Priestess or Duel Sister (決闘巫女デュエル·シスター Dyueru Shisutā) is a special woman who takes part in a religious ritual against the Duel Priest, the Festival of Duality, since ancient times.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

During the ritual Duel, it is said that a Duel Priestess' loss would cause the sun to hide. By that way, the Duel Priestess' win became a tradition, along with prayers wishing peace for the year and related celebrations.[1]

If a Duel Priestess loses the ritual Duel, the Ultimate God is said to revive, and a great disaster to occur.[1]


A Duel Priestess, Ish Kiq Goodwin, Dueling a Duel Priest.

In the thirtieth century B.C., the Festival of Duality was conduced annually. At that time, the power of the Ultimate God was feared by people. Ish Kiq Goodwin was the best Duel Priestess in several generations. She was then chosen to be the Duel Priestess who would take part in the Festival of Duality; with that, she was "offered as a sacrifice for the Ritual".[2]

Later, Rex and Roman became Duel Priests. Rex Goodwin told the Duel Priestess of that time to lose on purpose, in order to raise the sense of danger and unity of the citizens. The Duel Priestess did what Goodwin said and lost, which caused a disaster. A kind of eclipse occurred and people started dying.[1]

In the twenty-first century, Rex chose Akiza Izinski, who is the reincarnation of the previous Duel Priestess, as the next Duel Priestess.[3] After her loss to Kalin Kessler, Goodwin gave her a blank Duel Dragon card, passing the memories of the previous Duel Priestess to Akiza. Akiza's personality then changes.

Then, Rex and his brother, Roman, recreate the ritual once again, using Akiza as the Duel Priestess and Sect Ijuin as the Duel Priest.[1]


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