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Bohman with "Covered Hydradrive" and "Coolant Hydradrive"
  • ハイドライブ
  • Haidoraibu (romanized)
  • Highdrive (translated)
Other names High Drive
Anime appearances

"Hydradrive", known as "Highdrive"[1] (ハイドライブ Haidoraibu) in Japan, also tentativelly called "High Drive"[2], is an archetype of Cyberse monsters of various Attributes (except LIGHT and DARK) used by Bohman and Harlin in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime.


A "Hydradrive Token", bearing the archetype's sigil on its head.


Due to its namesake, many members of this archetype have a reptilian, snake-like look with most of the Main Deck and Link-1 monsters resembling animals like snakes or lizards. The archetype's Link-2 and Link-3 monsters feature a more humanoid design while their Link-4 monsters resemble the Naga, a semi-divine mythical creature that is half-human and half-snake in appearance. The Link-5 monsters are directly based on hydras.


The Japanese name of this archetype is a portmanteau of "high" (ハイ Hai), "hydra" (ハイドラ Haidora), and "drive" (ドライブ Doraibu). Fittingly, the Hydra is usually depicted as reptilian, explaining the design of most "Hydradrive" monsters.

Playing style[edit]

"Hydradrive" plays around Link Summoning its Link Monsters, after which their strategy shifts to play around the opponent's monsters' Attributes. Most of the Link-1 Monsters share the effect to be able to attack directly if the opponent controls a monster with the same Attribute as itself, as well as Special Summoning a "Hydradrive Token" upon being destroyed, so to defend the player itself from being attacked directly and/or set up more Link Summons. Higher-Link monsters can negate the effects of monsters that share their Attributes, and can take on multiple Attributes themselves, in addition to manipulating the Attributes of monsters the opponent controls.


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