Mai Valentine (Duel Terminal)

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Mai Valentine
Mai Valentine
English name
  • Mai Valentine
Japanese translatedMai Kujaku
Japanese name
Japaneseじゃく まい
Base孔雀 舞
Furiganaくじゃく まい
RōmajiKujaku Mai
  • Female
Video game debutInvasion of the Worms!!
Valentine, Mai

Mai Valentine, known as Mai Kujaku (じゃく まい Kujaku Mai) in the Japanese version, is a character in the Duel Terminal arcade games. This is a video game depiction of Mai Valentine, a character from the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga and anime.




I'm a duelist... and I'll fight to the very end!




A beautiful, defiant and confident dueling young woman!

Through her duels with Yugi and Jonouchi, she understood the importance of friends.

Mai uses powerful combos involving Harpies!


Invasion of Worms!![edit]

Justice Strikes Back!![edit]

Demon Roar God Revival!![edit]

Champion of Chaos!![edit]

Dragunity of the Hurricane!![edit]

Charge of the Genex!![edit]

Pulse of the Trishula!![edit]

Vylon Descends!![edit]

Raid of the Inverz!![edit]

Judgement of Omega!![edit]

Xyz Startup!![edit]

Sacred Star Knights!![edit]

Ouroboros, Wicked Dragon of Destruction!![edit]