Yusei Fudo (Duel Terminal)

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Yusei Fudo
Yusei Fudo
English name
  • Yusei Fudo
Japanese name
Japaneseどう ゆうせい
Base不動 遊星
Furiganaふどう ゆうせい
RōmajiFudō Yūsei
  • Male
Video game debutInvasion of Worms!!
Fudo, Yusei

Yusei Fudo (どう ゆうせい Fudō Yūsei) is an opponent in the Duel Terminal arcade games. This is a video game depiction of Yusei Fudo, a character from the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime.

He is of the philosophy that no card in the world is useless. The Mark of the Dragon on his arm, is proof of him being a Signer.

The background music "Yusei's Theme" and "Yusei Battle" play when the player faces Yusei in a Duel.




For the sake of the bond with my friends, I'll never give up!!




He seems level-headed at a glance, but the truth is that a burning passion lies inside him.

His dueling is out to prove there is no such thing as unnecessary cards in the world.

One of the Marks of the Dragon, proof of being a Signer, appears to be on his arm...?


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