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I LOVE Spirit Monsters and I hate how Komoney neglects them; I mean, we dont have new Spirit monsters since LVAL (Amaterasu is meh)! More than a thousand cards were introduced since then, but not even a single stupid Spirit monster was released --' FUCK YOU KONAMI! _|_ edit: I'm loving the new support coming on RATE, but I want MOAR! Happily there will be a second Spirit Ritual monster, so I'm hoping it is as good as Hikokujaku.

I like WATER monsters too, specially the "Ice Barrier" (which I hope to see gain new support like a pair of Pendulum Monsters, a Counter Trap Card, a Field Spell...), the "Gishki" and, more recently, the "Nekroz".

I like uncommon builds and long duels, not that meta thingy, with quick, aggressive games; I hate Burn and Stall and "Exodia" Decks. Those are stupid builds that require no skill at all.

Also, UK is an arrogant piece of shit.

And I have a dream: Zigfried von Schroeder's "Valkyries" will come to the TCG!!!!!

I also have a cue that we will have an Axis 5 "Fire Fist" deck. Have you ever noticed that they are based on 108 heroes and there are only currently 21 released? "Fire Fist" is an awesome deck. Period. But, I mean, if today we have only 2 Level 5 "Fire Fists", I dont think they were released for no reason. I gotta a feeling that Konami has plans for them.

I usually edit Tips and Trivia pages based on my own experiences and hope I can bring some useful tips to all players ^^ I also edit pages that weren't updated for a long time and need their example images to be changed or pages that uses Forbidden cards as examples. I also make cleanups and make the texts clearer and more straightforward.


My favorite archetypes are "Sylvan", "Yang Zing", "Shiranui", "Spellbook", "Ice Barrier", "Fire Fist", "Gishki", "Scrap", "Ghostrick", "Infernoid", "Nekroz" and "Superheavy Samurai.

I don't know exactly what card is my favorite, but here are some (I must update this):

(I will update this table little by little and will delete the list below as I update the table)

My favorite cards (this is not a ranking)
Card Category Reason
Number 24: Dragon Nosferatu Dragulas Effect Xyz Monster I love Wyrms; they look like Dragons, but they aren't. And this one is a ~vampiric~ Wyrm. Fucking awesome artwork. Nice quick effect to deal with some boss monsters and that can be used defensively on itself or on another ally monster. Special Summons itself no matter where it goes by an opposing card effect. The last effect is very handy, since it neither targets nor destroys, so it can deal with some annoying stuff, like "Leo", "Dark Destroyer", etc. Being Rank 6 makes it restrict to some builds, which makes it even more interesting and special and not boring like it would be if was a Rank 3 or 4. Favorite Xyz ever, tied with Orea.
Orea, the Sylvan High Arbiter Effect Xyz Monster Sylvan Queen™. Triggers the other Sylvans. Sets up excavation shenanigans and cards like "The Seventh One". Non-targeting multi bounce, that can oust troublesome cards and recycle my own. Favorite Xyz ever, tied with Number 24.
Yamata Dragon Spirit Monster I love Spirit monsters and I love references to Japanese Mythology. It is a Dragon, but in a form of a 8-headed snake. Its effect is nutty, giving up to 5 cards after dealing battle damage! This is my favorite Spirit monster.
Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi Spirit Monster I love Spirit monsters and I love references to Japanese Mythology. The counterpart of Yamata Dragon. Nice effect, draining all cards from my opponent's hand before they even effectively enter the Draw Phase. I love these crazy hand-manipulating effects from this duo, but I hate how slow they are to be Summoned in first place and their reliance on the Battle Phase.
Frightfur Kraken Fusion Monster I love monsters that send to the Graveyard instead of destroying. I also like monsters that have its DEF higher than its ATK (dont ask me why). It also attacks twice and withdraws after attacking LOL.
Mist Bird Clausolas Synchro Effect Monster I like this kind of passive-aggressive monsters, with low ATK and high DEF, lurking until the right moment to do their thang. If its effect could be activated during either player's turn, all Synchro-reliant deck certainly would find a place on their Extra Deck for this card and it would have the popularity it truly deserves.
Evigishki Soul Ogre Effect Ritual Monster I like monsters with mirrored high ATK and DEF stats, this lightens that "ok, you can have a high ATK but will have a shitty DEF" rule. I eternally love effects that shuffle cards from the field into the Deck. And it is WATER. And looks like an enraged amphibian on steroids.
Rank-Up-Magic - The Seventh One Normal Spell This is the proof that Heart of the Cards™ do exists. It is very nice to drop a Number C101 out of nowhere.
Denglong, First of the Yang Zing Synchro Monster My favorite Yang Zing Synchro. It is so versatile! It can search any Yang Zing card, replaces itself, sets up the Synchro Summon of behemoths like "Hot Red Dragon Archfiend Abyss" and "Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon". Thins the Deck and manages own Level... lovely card. Neptabyss, the Atlantean Prince Effect Monster I love how this Level 1 child brought new life to an entire Deck on its own.
Night Dragolich Effect Monster I love how it singlehandedly shuts down any non-Wyrm summoned from Deck or Extra Deck. Since this effect is continuous, it doesn't start a chain and can't be negated by Cyber Dragon Infinity or Shooting Quasar Dragon. Normal Summon this nasty boy, see those feared behemoths bowing before him and just attack, since it also nullifies their DEF. A normal summoned Level 4 monster that can trample on Cyber Dragon Infinity with absolutely no effort or cost? Sign me in.
Star Eater Synchro Effect Monster Nothing can stop its summon. Nothing can touch it at the time it is summoned. Nothing can touch it while it is attacking. A blazing wrecking ball.
Shaddoll Core Continuous Trap Nice artwork. It is like Winda was diving into a deep abyss to fetch the source of the power of the Shaddolls
Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier Synchro Effect Monster Bitch, it's Trishula! No long-winded explanations are needed. I hope we get another truly good generic Level 9 Synchro, but without that "2 or more non-tuner monsters" restriction.
Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand Effect Xyz Monster A pair of Breakthrough Skills merged with a pair of Forbidden Lances. With legs. On steroids. The versatility of this card is crazy; I can use it to protect one of my monsters, to simply negate an opponent's monster's effect, to make a would-be tribute for a Ritual Summon or material for a Fusion Summon immune to the respective Spell Card, so that its effect will wear off... I simply love this monster. Very nice artwork too.
Number 38: Hope Harbinger Dragon Titanic Galaxy Effect Xyz Monster Negates a Spell for free and also eats it, so annoying things like Gospel of Revival or Galaxy Cyclone won't touch the Graveyard for their other effects; negated Pendulum Spells won't be placed on the Extra Deck; Its second effect will have fuel to be used indefinitely. The second effect is used to protect its weak and oppressed allies, while also putting pressure on the opponent, that will think twice before attacking with a 3000-ATK or less monster while the attack target is backed by this buddy. It also dodges ATK-modifying things like Honest. Its last effect can PERMANENTLY boost an Xyz when another Xyz falls, and combining this with a suicidal Number C101 can raise this card's ATK to the high heavens. I also want to figure out if it doesn't have legs or if they are somehow hidden on its artwork; Its name could be less wordy. .-.
Number 77: The Seven Sins Effect Xyz Monster Its effect is very very good, banishing a full field of Special Summoned monsters and eating one of them. Too bad this card is too slow if Summoned by evolving the other spider and currently there's no consistent way to drop a pair of Level 12 monsters to Summon it. I like big monsters and I like the fact this was one of the first Rank 12 monsters in the game; this one is very big in stats, and once you summon it, you are rewarded with a nice field-wiping effect and a gigantic 4000-ATK behemoth with that traditional "detach 1 Xyz Material from this card instead" protection.
Hot Red Dragon Archfiend Abyss Effect Synchro Monster When this card was revealed, I saw it was Level 9 and crossed my fingers for it to have generic materials..... but it requires precisely 1 non-Tuner; and it must be a Synchro; and a Dragon; and DARK. *deep sad sigh*. But I like it because of its artwork and effect. I automatically love any monster that can negate effects for free.
Spore Effect Tuner Monster I like "Once per Duel" effects. That makes the card more special and unique, as you won't want to waste its effect in the wrong moment. I love the versatility of raising its Level depending on the Plants I have on my Graveyard.
Sylvan Charity Normal Spell Hands down the best in-theme Spell Card in the game. Nothing you can say will convince me otherwise.
Drowning Mirror Force Normal Trap Shuffling cards into the Deck is the most definitive thing one can do in this game.
Ancient Sacred Wyvern Effect Synchro Monster Its funny to attack directly with a monster, then with another one and another one, raising the difference between both players' LP and then finish off with this card with 10000 or more ATK. If this card were released after DUEA, it surely would be a Wyrm. Without a fucking doubt. I think Konami should make a Type correction on some monsters and re-release this card as a Wyrm and Jinzo a Psychic.
Number 49: Fortune Tune Effect Xyz Monster I like monsters with blanket protection (unless you have "Majespecter" on your name), even more when they are target-immune. A Soul Charge-fueling guy that is annoying to take off the field, despite its low stats. Once it is yarded, I can recycle my Marshalleaves and Lonefire Blossoms. But I dont run it on my Sylvans anymore.
First of the Dragons Effect Fusion Monster I like how there are some support for Normal monsters that make running a Normal monster Deck more appealing; this one is pretty annoying for the opponent and only Spell/Trap cards can take it off the field, unless your opponent can drop a bigger Normal monster to kill it.
Number 92: Heart-eartH Dragon Efffect Xyz Monster I love Level/Rank 9 and 11 monsters and wish we had a toolbox to make a consistent Deck revolving around those Levels/Ranks. I like how peculiar this monster is: an investment of three Level nine monsters to drop a 0-ATK/DEF Yubel-like bitch...... If the opponent is oblivious enough to set and summon whitout taking this card off the field or negating its effect, during the End Phase the havoc will be tremendous. If it is destroyed while fueled with Xyz Materials, it returns with a huge ATK boost. Sadly, though, for this card to be a force to be reckoned with, a meticulous and fragile set-up is needed and with so many ways to deal with it nowadays and the lack of consistency on summoning it, this card is fated to be a situational card to a very restrict niche of decks that will never be bathed by the sun of competitivity. But I love it because of its complexity, peculiar set of effects and artwork. And because Rank 9. That's a cool number.
Flying "C" Effect Monster Hand trap against Xyz-heavy Decks. It is hilarious when I win games only because my opponent is locked thanks to this flying cockroach.
Retaliating "C" Effect Monster Hand trap against Fusion/Ritual Decks. I loved to use it when Shaddolls were around, because it could banish the materials and Shaddoll/El Shaddoll Fusion, avoiding their effects and prevent them from being recycled.
Number 95: Galaxy-Eyes Dark Matter Dragon Effect Xyz Monster A 4000-ATK triple Foolish Burial on legs for Dragons that forces your opponent to banish monsters from their Deck; that's nuts. When Dragon Rulers were around, I had a hybrid with my Sylvans and I had this lovely guy.
Number 74: Master of Blades Effect Xyz Monster I imagine it in action just like its cool artwork: as a nimble warrior tenaciously dodging from effects and thrwoing unerring killer daggers on its offender. I like the fact it is Psychic, because being a actual Warrior would be a boring cliché. I want more Rank 7 generic monsters with quick effects, mainly protecting themselves or negating Spell/Traps. This one is very cool, but any non-targeting effect or simply an attack of a bigger monster can take it down, which makes it a dispensable situational pick, at best.
Soul Charge Normal Spell Give up your Battle Phase and up to 5000 LP and you can crowd your field with a frontline of monsters that will so heavily pressure your opponent that a victory is almost certain on your next turn (dependig on which monsters are those, obviously). In some scenarios this card can be a win condition by itself. I want to win a game using this card to revive Totem Five. It will be hilarious.






and many others! :p