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The main index to my sandboxes.
This page itself can be a sandbox.




  • Gibberish/Experiments: Some experiments. A place for me to try stuff without damaging main or article pages.
  • Notes/To do: Things I don't want to forget for a bit; General notes; Tasks.
  • Some item names: A project where I'm trying to come with an Image Policy for some product files.
  • Proxies' Gallery: A concept for gathering Official Proxy images on Galleries.
  • Proxies' Lists/Tables: Gathers Official Proxy images on Tables and Lists.
  • Acronyms & abbreviations: A place to check commonly used acronyms and abbreviations for cards and archetypes.
  • Template sandbox: Just to test template-related stuff. Having a place for that helps keeping my stuff organized.
  • Preview sandbox:
  • Categorizing a card: