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Hello, welcome to my User Page!!! BEWARE OF ALL THE BOLDED TEXT!!!

Walk of the Koa'ki[edit]

This deck will most likely become my Main Deck While my Vehicroids are offline, and once my Vehicroids come back, this deck will take as my secondary deck.

This deck is currently proxied, and will soon have all it's necessary cards.

Dinosaur Stampede[edit]

Fossilized Mayhem has been successful at the local tourney topping 3/4, but still has it's minor issues. This deck is my third best because it's basis is to overpower almost any monster that jumps onto the field.

Fossilized Mayhem Basis[edit]

Fossilized Mayhem's main strategy is to be brute force, and backing the opponent into a corner with buff monsters. It is also based off of using it's high level monsters as a blockade.

Machina Front[edit]

This deck took oober long to get together, but it is finally built, and thanks, again to DemonGodAsura, to completing this deck.

{{Decklist|Machina Front |monsters=




Vehicroid's Rage Alpha[edit]


Thing that annoy me when I duel[edit]

  • People that don't pay attention.
  • People who text during a duel.
  • Them mispronouncing names.
  • People who don't keep track of Life Points

The Wikia[edit]

I will pop onto pages and fix minor spelling errors, and fix articles that appear in red, otherwise, I'll help were I can, I will consult any of the Featured Users if I notice anything that I know absolutely nothing about.

People I Talk with on the Wikia[edit]