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  • In episode 107, Serenity uses this card during her Duel with Duke against Nezbitt (it was originally Tristan, Duke and Serenity against Nezbitt, but Tristan lost in the previous episode). She Fusion Summons this card via the Deck Master Special Ability of "Goddess with the Third Eye" as part of her game-winning move. Due to the effect of "Command Angel", this card gained 400 ATK. Duke then activates the Deck Master Ability of "Strike Ninja" to activate Tristian's set "Rare Metal Soul" as his card, increasing this card's ATK by 1000. Serenity then used this card to attack "Perfect Machine King" (whose ATK was 4200 due to its own effect and the effect of "Clockwork Night"). Both monsters were then destroyed in a Double KO. Since "Perfect Machine King" was Nezbitt's Deck Master, he lost the Duel by default.
  • In episode 144, this card is shown being played by a kid Dueling another kid. This card then attacks and destroys "Summoned Skull", defeating the former-mentioned kid.

Video games[edit]

  • In Tag Force 5, it appears in her "Sword of Freedom" and "Sword of Justice" Decks.
  • In Duel Transer, it appears in her "Maiden of Condemnation" Deck if the main player reaches Level 30.
  • In Over the Nexus, it is part of her "Flower of Vengeance" Deck.