Card Tips:Morphing Jar

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  • This card's effect is most advantageous when your current hand is undesirable or empty.
    • In preparation for this, attempt to Set/play as many cards from your hand as reasonably possible.
    • If this card is Set during the End Phase, the hand-related drawback of "Card of Demise" means nothing. In fact, you can draw it by using "Soul Reversal" before activating "Card of Demise".
  • Combo this card's effect with "Protector of the Sanctuary" or the lingering effect of "Droll & Lock Bird" to essentially eliminate your opponent's hand.
    • OR, combo with "Forced Requisition" to heavily eliminate your opponent's hand (or entirely, if you discarded 5 or more cards by this card's effect).
    • Using this card's Flip effect while your Viruses are still active will yield extremely similar results.
  • Combo this card's effect wtih "Magical Thorn" and/or "Greed" on the field. That way you will inflict massive damage to your opponent (2500 for the cards drawn due to "Greed" and 500 for each card discarded due to "Magical Thorn").
    • Note that you will also inflict 2500 damage to yourself with "Greed".
  • Combo with cards whose effects return a card(s) to your opponent's hand, so as to essentially send them to the Graveyard.
  • Chain this card's Flip effect with "Present Card" to force your opponent to draw 10 cards. If you did this on your turn, use "Book of Moon" for 15 cards.
  • This card is especially useful for activating the effects of "Dark World" and "Fabled" monsters.
    • It is possible to use this card against these Decks if you control "Masked HERO Dark Law". Since their discarded Monsters will be banished instead of going to the Graveyard, their effects will not activate.
  • This card can be used to counter Infernity monster's effects, by forcing your opponent to draw 5 cards.
  • Chain "Localized Tornado" to this card to replenish your Deck and hand, virtually restarting your deck, making it a good combo against Mill Decks.
  • You can create an interesting combo with this card, "Double Summon", and "Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight". First, make sure they're the only cards in your hand at the time, setting any other Spells/Traps. Activate "Double Summon", then set this card, followed by Summoning "Swift Gaia" via its effect. Unless your opponent has a monster with 2400 ATK or greater, they will most likely aim for your set "Morphing Jar". When they do, they'll have to discard any cards in their hand, while you'll just replenish your hand. Just in case, keep a set "Shift", "Call of the Earthbound", "Rush Recklessly", "Shrink", and/or any other useful cards as backup to ensure this combo will work.

Traditional Format[edit]

  • Activate "Trap Dustshoot" right after this card's effect is activated to get a peek at your opponent's new hand.