Card Tips:Vylon Vanguard

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  • Equip this card with "Ekibyo Drakmord". Therefore, it will be destroyed within the next 2 turns and you will be able to draw at least two cards.
  • After being equipped with numerous Equip Spell Cards use "Destruct Potion" to destroy this card during your opponent's end phase, or dodge a card effect which would bounce or banish your "Vanguard". Granting you cards and possibly a large amount of life points.
  • Using "Needle Ceiling" with this card can turn the duel around for you.
  • You can use "Collected Power" to equip all the equip cards on the field to this, so that you may draw extra cards.
  • Use "Mist Body" on this card to ensure it does not get destroyed by battle and more so by effect.

Traditional Format[edit]