Gi-Ant Revolution (series)

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Gi-Ant Revolution
"Gi-Ant Revolution"
  • ジャイアントかくめい
  • ジャイアント革命 (base)
  • ジャイアントかくめい (ruby)
  • Jaianto Kakumei (romanized)
Anime appearances

Gi-Ant Revolution (ジャイアントかくめい Jaianto Kakumei) is a series of Insect monsters with 100 ATK used by Jango Arisugawa in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime.


The series parodies the Huge Revolution series.

Card Reference
Oppressed Ants Oppressed People
United Resist-Ants United Resistance
Ants Running About People Running About
Gi-Ant Revolution Huge Revolution
Libanty Flag None
Antbellion of the Rebellion None

Playing style[edit]

Gi-Ant Revolution decks focus on swarming the field with Insect monsters with 100 or less ATK to apply their effects. Once the field is setup, the player can then Summon the theme's ace "Antbellion", which gives a huge ATK boost to all Insects with 100 or less ATK they control for each monster they control.