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"Majestic Star Dragon"
  • セイヴァー
  • Seivā (romanized)
  • Savior (translated)
  • Majestueux
  • Majestätisch
  • Maestoso
  • 세이비어
  • Seibieo (romanized)
  • Savior (translated)
  • Majestoso
  • Majestuoso
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"Majestic", known as "Savior" (セイヴァー Seivā) in Japan, is an archetype of Level 10+ Synchro Monsters, all requiring "Majestic Dragon" as the Tuner monster requirement. These monsters are upgraded counterparts to the Signer Dragons used by the Signers of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, granted to them temporarily by the power of the Crimson Dragon.

Due to its Japanese name, "Avendread Savior" is also a member of this archetype. However, because TCG/OCG support for this archetype only supports "Majestic" Synchro Monsters, this is not an issue.


During Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, the Mark of the Dragon disappears from the Signers, only to re-appear on the back of a single Signer, who then draws "Majestic Dragon" for their next draw. Only two of the Signers, Yusei Fudo and Jack Atlas, make use of this during the series' run, however, so no "Majestic" counterpart to the other Signer Dragons exists.

Monster Original form Effect
Upgraded Advantage
Majestic Red Dragon Red Dragon Archfiend Destroy all Defense Position monsters on the field after damage calculation when attacking Gains ATK equal to the targeted monster's ATK
Majestic Star Dragon Stardust Dragon Destroy all cards your opponent controls after negating the activation of your opponent's card or effect Activate 1 of the targeted monster's effects
Shooting Majestic Star Dragon Shooting Star Dragon Banish the negated card after negating the activation of that card or the activation of that card's effect. None

Playing style[edit]

The "Majestic" Synchro Monsters return to the Extra Deck during the End Phase and Special Summon the corresponding base Dragon back from the Graveyard. Their effects are similar to their Signer Dragon's counterpart, except they are more powerful; they can also negate the effect of an opponent's face-up monster and get an advantage from the negated card until the End Phase. One easy way to summon the "Majestic" monsters is by Synchro Summoning "Malefic Paradox Dragon" without a "Malefic World" so it's destroyed and then using "Shadow Impulse".