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North America is the main distribution region for the Trading Card Game, including the countries of Canada and the United States with English, French and Spanish prints being officially distributed and legal for tournament play. Although all other TCG prints are legal as well.

Cards are printed in the United States and from there distributed to the region, Canada gets French cards from either a main print in the United States or from Europe when necessary. Spanish cards can be officially requested by stores and distributors for sale inside the territory, but this is rarely done, and this causes the Spanish print to be not as expensive as the English one, and this happens to the French print as well.

The main reason to be separated from the rest of the Americas is the legality of promotional cards. Many such promotional cards however easily reach the Latin America and the Caribbean region, mostly Mexico, despite being illegal until officially reprinted in those regions. Following the discontinuation of the Shonen Jump promotional cards, there were considerably fewer differences in card legality between the regions.