Perfectly Ultimate (DM1)

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Perfectly Ultimate
Kanzen Kyūkyokutai Gurētomosu
Perfect Ultimate Great Moth
Number 067
ATK / DEF 3500 / 3000
Type Insect
Rarity S

The final incarnation of the ultimate insect, the Great Moth!

こんちゅうぞくさいきょうのモンスター グレートモスのさいしゅうけいたいだ!

Obtained by

"Perfectly Ultimate" can be obtained by Communication Fusion. See below for combinations.

"Perfectly Ultimate" can be temporarily obtained by evolution by having #057: "Great Moth" stay on the field for one turn.


"Perfectly Ultimate" can be equipped with the following Equip Cards, each of which power it up by 1 Level, effectively increasing its current ATK/DEF by 60%.

"Perfectly Ultimate" is affected by the following Field Cards:

Fusion Material

"Perfectly Ultimate" can be obtained by Communication Fusion, using the following Fusion Material:

Material 1 Material 2Material 3