Advanced Crystal Beast

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Advanced Crystal Beast
The seven "Advanced Crystal Beasts" and "Rainbow Dark Dragon" in the artwork of "Advanced Dark"
The seven "Advanced Crystal Beasts" and "Rainbow Dark Dragon" in the artwork of "Advanced Dark"
  • アドバンスド宝玉獣ほうぎょくじゅう
  • A宝玉獣 (base)
  • アドバンスドほうぎょくじゅう (ruby)
  • Adobansudo Hōgyokujū (romanized)
  • Advanced Gem Beast (translated)
Anime appearances

"Advanced Crystal Beast", known as "Advanced Gem Beast" (アドバンスド宝玉獣ほうぎょくじゅう, Adobansudo Hōgyokujū) in Japan, are an archetype of cards used by Yubel while she possessed Jesse Anderson.

They are wild, more feral, and more armored versions of their original forms, complete with their own ace card, "Rainbow Dark Dragon" who rivals "Rainbow Dragon".

"Crystal Beast"-orientated Spell and Trap Cards also work on "Advanced Crystal Beasts" on the field, since their names are treated as the same as their normal "Crystal Beast" counterparts. But, they have a weakness: they can only be face-up on the field with the Field Spell Card "Advanced Dark" in play, otherwise they are destroyed. "Rainbow Dark Dragon", in the anime, can't exist without all of the "Advanced Crystal Beasts" on the field, or in the Graveyard, otherwise it will be banished.

The "Advanced Crystal Beasts" have not been released in TCG or OCG, though "Rainbow Dark Dragon" (albeit with modified Summoning conditions) and "Advanced Dark" have been released in Duelist Edition Volume 2 and Phantom Darkness in the OCG and Phantom Darkness and Return of the Duelist in the TCG. "Advanced Dark" has appeared in some of the Tag Force games with altered effect(s).