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  • In episode 112, Yami Yugi uses this card during his Tag Duel with Joey Wheeler against the Big Five. He Tribute Summons this card by Tributing "The Rock Spirit". After this card is summoned, Joey wonders why Yami Yugi summoned this card in Attack Position as it was weaker than "Machine King". Yugi then purposely made his move obvious to get the Big Five focused on him instead of Joey by setting a card and making an obvious expression. Nezbitt then activates "Heavy Storm" to destroy Yugi's set "Mirror Force". Nezbitt then uses "Machine King" to attack this card, but Yugi reveals that his true trap was this card's effect. As Nezbitt activated a Spell Card, this card gained 200 ATK until the End Phase. This card then destroys "Machine King". The effect of this card then activates, inflicting 500 damage to Nezbitt. Later Yugi uses this card to attack Nezbitt directly. After Leichter activates "Pot of Greed", this card's effect activated, increasing this card's ATK by 200 until the End Phase. Leichter then summons "Injection Fairy Lily" and uses it to attack this card. Leichter then activates the effect of "Injection Fairy Lily", paying 2000 Life Points to increase the ATK of "Injection Fairy Lily" by 3000 until the end of the Damage Step. "Injection Fairy Lily" then destroys this card. Leichter then activates "Sebek's Blessing" to increase his Life Points by the Battle Damage Yugi took.

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