Card Tips:Cocoon of Ultra Evolution

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  • This card's condition can be easily met when combo with "Parasite Paranoid", which will also send an opponent's monster to the GY.
    • This combo allow you to summon up to 2 hard-to-Summon Insect monsters, one from the hand and one from the Deck.
  • "Inzektor Picofalena" can equip an Insect monster from the Deck to another Insect monster the player controls, which can then be used to activate this card.
  • Activate "DNA Surgery" to turn your opponent's monsters into Insect, and then equip it with an Equip Card (unless they already have an Equip Card themselves), then use this card to tribute the opponent's monster to summon a powerful Insect type monster, ridding your opponent's monster simultaneously.