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  • This card works well with "Fortune Lady Light". You can Normal Summon that card, and it will Summon "Fortune Lady Fire" when banished, whose effect in turn will destroy an opponent's monster essentially for free.
  • If this card leaves the field, any monsters 'waiting' on it will not return even if it is later placed back on the field. One way to easily take advantage of this is by attacking with "Mist Valley Falcon", whose effect can be used to return this card to your hand, allowing you to activate it again and repeat.
  • This card can be used with "Necroface" to banish the top 5 cards of both players' Decks. However, note that "Necroface" will not gain extra ATK from its first effect when it returns to the field.
  • Using "D.D. Trap Hole" with this card allows field control. If you opponent doesn't Summon a monster for it to be banished, then setting the monster would banish it as well, albeit, if you have a monster, and to a plus, the banished monster is not coming back.
  • A player can still Set, Flip Summon or Special Summon. If you want your monster to stay, it would be wise to possibly Set it instead of Summoning it face-up, then Flip Summon it during your next turn or use cards like "Book of Taiyou" or a combo between "Ceasefire" and "Final Attack Orders" and possibly "Light of Intervention".
  • When this card is in play, if you Normal Summon "Beast King Barbaros" without a Tribute, its ATK will be reset back to 3000 when it returns to the field after being banished. This can also be done with "Fusilier Dragon, the Dual-Mode Beast" and other cards that can be Summoned like this.
  • "Light of Intervention" or "Dark Simorgh" will prevent the opponent from trying to set their monsters in an attempt to avoid the effect of "Future Visions".
  • Combine this with "Soul Absorption" to gain life points every time a monster is Normal Summoned.
  • This card can work in a "Worm" Deck, because most of the monsters are Set instead of Normal Summoned.
  • "Non-Spellcasting Area" can be used to maintain field presence if you plan to Normal Summon Normal Monsters or Gemini monsters.
  • This card is deadly against cards that must be Tribute Summoned to activate their Continuous effects because a Tribute Summon is still considered a Normal Summon. This can stop cards such as "Angel O7".
  • You can use this card to prevent a card you Summoned from being destroyed by your own "Dark Hole".
  • This card works incredibly well with the effect of "Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier" to return this card to your hand. "Dewloren" will gain 500 ATK and you will be able to Normal Summon without having your monster banish. Additionally, your opponent's monsters which were banish at the time will not return. You can use this effect every turn to make your opponent's only escape a Spell/Trap or a Special Summon.
  • You can use this card to dodge "Skill Drain". If you Normal Summon a monster that has a mandatory effect that triggers at Summon, like "Caius the Shadow Monarch", Skill Drain would negate it. But if you have this card face-up on the field, when you Normal Summon that monster, both effects (that monster's effect that triggers at summon and Future Visions' effect) will activate simultaneously and will form a Chain. You can choose to activate the effect of the monster as Chain Link 1, and Future Visions' effect as Chain Link 2. As chain links resolve backwards, the monster is banished first, and its effect resolves while it's banished, dodging the effect of Skill Drain that can only negate the effects of face-up monsters on the field. This only works for mandatory effects. Monsters like "Tour Guide From the Underworld" have an optional effect that goes second in the chain, and will be negated by Skill Drain before it gets banished by Future Visions.
  • If your Life Points aren't low, you can use this card to save a tribute for a Tribute Summon. By this way, your opponent's monster(s) will attack you directly, but your tribute will return to your field safely the next turn, so that you can tribute it.

Traditional Format[edit]

  • Combine this card with "Giant Trunade" so your opponent's monster doesn't return. Then you can Normal Summon your monster and re-activate "Future Visions" afterwards.
    • If you are playing a "Fortune Lady" deck, removing "Future Visions" from the field every now and then can be an effective strategy. Even if you remove "Future Visions" from the field right after one of your "Fortune Ladies" has been banish by its effect, you could still use "Fortune's Future" to gain Hand Advantage and follow up with Special Summoning the Fortune Lady that's now in the Graveyard through the effect of "Fortune Lady Dark".
    • You can also use "Murmur of the Forest" to return "Future Visions" to your hand. This will also flip a strong monster your opponent controls into face-down defense position, allowing "Fortune Lady Dark" to use her effect easily.